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Anomalous Coins
Blue People of Kentucky
Floyd Collins' Leg
The Goat Monster of Pope Lick
Appalachian Voodoo
The Blue Grass Army Depot
Tent Girl
Grayson County Animal Mutilations
Feral Humans
The Assassination of William Goebel
Rod Ferrell's Vampire Clan
Invisible Topography
Daniel Boone's Grave (or is it?)
Ancient Civilization Under Kentucky
Donald Harvey
The Curse of 3rd & Broadway
Operation Garden Plot
Mutant Raccoons of Ashland
New American Wing
The Herrington Lake Monster
The Boone Tunnel
Mysterious Horse Deaths
The Green Man of Mallory Springs


pictured here: enigmatic Appalachian Voodoo -like symbols
found on a very old gravestone in Briarfield Cemetery.