Lexington's Biblical Miniature Golf

To the average secular-minded Joe, the notion of a biblical-themed miniature golf course, each hole illustrating such things as Noah's Ark, the plagues of Egypt, Daniel and the lion's den, and the River that turns to Blood, and with little plaques giving bible lessons along the way, sounds pretty funny. And it is.

But believe it or not, this is hands-down the best miniature golf course we've ever played. The course, located next door to the Lexington Ice & Recreation Center on Eureka Springs Drive, is a must-see for mini-golf enthusiasts.

There are 18 holes inspired by the Old Testament, 18 based on the New Testament and 18 based on biblical miracles. There used to be a tape loop of a woman singing "He's Alive!" as you tee off in Christ's Tomb, but now they just pipe in Christian rock music.

More pics are here, here, and here.