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UFO over Wal-Mart

On June 29, 2002, having just driven back into Richmond after taking photos of the Blue Grass Army Depot, a friend and I saw a strange object floating across the Eastern By-pass, from the K-Mart side over to a position above Wal-Mart's parking lot.

At first we thought the object was a kite. I used the digital camera as a binoculars by looking through the zoom lens, and after close inspection I clearly saw a person's legs move, which put the whole object in size perspective. The object was scarcely bigger than the person himself, like he was in a flying chair. It could only be one thing: an Autogyro.

Autogyros are basically super-tiny and super-simple helicopters, essentially a guy strapped to a chair with copter blades attached. They've been used for spy and reconnaisance missions by our government and others.

Was this someone from the Blue Grass Army Depot running a test flight over civilian airspace? Or just some shmo who built one himself (they're actually no harder to build than a go-kart) and took it for a spin?

Click on the pic for a much larger version.