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The old Waco Pottery company

There were actually three different Waco Potteries, possibly four, actually, but that's a conjecture for another lecture. But for our purposes here, this is the site where the most important and primary Waco Pottery company was located during the 20s and 30s.

Now the place is just about gone, looking as if the next big storm could blow it away. We've been told that the original kilns are partially intact on the other side of this building, but the property is now owned by a man who doesn't care for meddlers on his property, and refused to grant us permission to go onto his property to take photographs. These were taken from the road, and with his permission. He runs a car junkyard and doesn't seem interested in preserving the historic Waco Pottery remnants at all, sadly.

The town of Waco, KY almost qualifies for the "abandoned" category in itself. The four-way intersection that once was the heart of Waco is now a ghost town.