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The Spaceship School

The locals are used to it by now, but people visiting Berea for the first time are often surprised to find this building (looking like an odd cross between a buddhist temple and an alien spacecraft) in the midst of a rural area of the sleepy little town of Berea, KY.

This is Berea Community School, believe it or not. Why does the school in a small community that prides itself on its primitive and woodsy heritage look like something Ming The Merciless of Flash Gordon fame would live in? No one seems to know.

The picture just doesn't do justice to the attention-commanding sight this UFO schoolhouse really is. The school is a complete concentric ring, made up of several pods revolving around a center one. The classrooms are mostly open areas with no walls or doors. This was some Frank Lloyd Wrong's idea of progressive archetecture for schools. Thank God it never became a trend.