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Taylor's Billiards

The last of the great old-time pool halls in Richmond, KY. Its exterior and interior appearance has changed very little since its glory days. At any given moment, the people sitting at the lunch counter are practically a Who's Who of interesting local characters. Once a favorite watering hole of Buckhorn's. We are proud to host the official Taylor's Billiards website, check it out!

Country Kettle - click link for more info.

The Wigwam

Ever since I was a baby, I can remember eating at the Wigwam in Ravenna, KY. Somehow, even as most other old curb-service drive-in eateries have passed on, this one keeps on perservering, and serving that good greasy American food the way our Lord intended. No curbside menus with speakers here, you just pull up in their parking lot and a waitress comes out to take your order and tell you what's on the menu today. It used to be painted green and was a lot more garish back in the day. It's a pity their neon sign departed in the 1990's. Here's a shot of the interior.

Rogers Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

The oldest still surviving restaurant in Lexington, this place is worth seeking out. Back in the day, all sorts of shady activity went on here, from gambling to prostitution. When the current owners took over the place in 1974, they discovered a network of many different phone lines and a secret two-way mirror to see who was coming upstairs. The cocktail lounge is like stepping back into another time. Dinah is our favorite waitress, ask for her and tell her we sent you. 808 South Broadway, Lexington.

Dairy Dart

A great drive-in place in London, KY with that good custardy soft-serve. They serve the best Banana Malt in the universe, according to Jennifer Ray, who should know. Click here for a shot of their menu.

Spalding's Bakery

Next time you're in Lexington some morning, follow South Limestone St. deep into the seedier part of town, and you will find this fantastic old bakery. Still in business after 100,000 years, and their donuts are to die for. Catch 'em super early in the morning, though, and be prepared to wait in line with everyone from junkies to stockbrokers, because everyone loves the taste of Spaldings. Only open for breakfast.

Donna's Cafe - click link for more info.

The Twin

Still hanging in there since the 1950's without changing its appearance hardly at all in the intervening years, The Twin is a breath of fresh air that you'll find on River Drive in Irvine, KY. Their soft-serve tastes unlike any other I've ever had. The other major 1950s ice cream stand in Irvine was The Zesto and sadly no longer exists, having folded in the mid-60's. (There are still a few other Zestos out there.) The Twin is about 60 seconds walk from Irvine Cemetery, incidentally, so have a cold frozen treat while you go grave-spotting.

White Light Diner

The oldest restaurant in Frankfort, built in 1929. A much higher-tone menu than you find at most old diners, including Eggs Benedict, Cajun Crawfish Pie, Genoa Salami Muffalettas, real French toast, and Kentucky Bourbon Pie.

Cree Mee

This place has that great off-white custardy soft-serv that rivals The Twin's unique formula, and their french fries somehow taste like corn on the cob. Blasts gospel music from speakers. Located in Stanford, KY.

Doughdaddy's - click link for more info.

Cain's Diner

Located on Water Street in Richmond (runs parallel to downtown Main street ), this idiosyncratic little trailer diner is one of the last of a dying breed. Mr.Cain is no longer with us, but his diner lives on. The meals here are unbelievably cheap and rather tasty when you factor the price in, though sometimes things get a bit weird.... such as the time when I ordered pancakes and when they brought them to us, they were these strange hard paper-white discs which we only ate after some serious soul-searching.... it turned out they were made out of biscuit dough....! However, recently Cain's Diner is under new management, and things are looking brighter than ever. The new owner has also expressed an interest in staying open during the evenings, which would be a welcome addition to downtown nightlife. Pics of the interior are here and here.

Rose's Restaurant & Dairy Bar

Rose's Restaurant & Dairy Bar inhabits the wilderness of Slade, KY near Natural Bridge. Easily our favorite among eateries in the region, for its subdued lighting, its tasty grub, its mosaic of weird junk and bric-a-brac on the walls, and its collage of decorated and defaced dollar bills on the ceiling.

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