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The Old Madison County Fairgrounds

For decades the Madison County Fair in Richmond was held at this location, on U.S. 52 (Irvine Road) near Lake Reba and The Kentucky National Guard Armory. Then, inexplicably, the fair was moved to Robbinsville, way out in the middle of nowhere. Why the old site was abandoned is unclear.... obviously, nothing is being done with the property now, a decade later.

The fields have turned to tall growth, the outdoor amphitheater area has turned into a dense forest and the ticket booth has turned into a shelter for winos and paint-huffing youngsters. Deep in the brush one can find assorted debris and remnants of the fair's heyday, but for the most part, nature has reclaimed this area. Even the paved road is beginning to sprout plants from the cracks. It's a good place to go and get away from civilization for awhile.

More pics are here, here, and here.