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In the early 1990s the streets of central Kentucky (mostly Lexington) became plagued with this unique character. Grillo is a self-styled performance artist, street musician, and panhandler. He also has his own rent-a-clown business (!), but as far as we know no one has ever hired him. He can often be found around the downtown/UK areas of Lexington, dressed in his usual bizarre regalia and masks.

There are many stories about Grillo's past but all are contradictory. Grillo himself tells radically different versions of his life story when asked. He vanished recently for many months and it's rumored that he spent some time in a mental facility, though Grillo claims he's been in Japan having a small hole drilled in his skull so his brain "can breathe better". He has offered to show the hole in his skull to people on the street for ridiculous sums of money but of course, no one takes him up on it.

Grillo is also the subject of an online comic strip that can be found here.