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The Glyndon Hotel

Located at 247 West Main Street, the Glyndon Hotel is a joy to behold for anyone who appreciates a good seedy rundown hotel from a bygone era. It's like the Hotel in Petticoat Junction gone horribly wrong on skid row. You want ghosts? In this place, you can't sneeze without knocking one down. If it's a successful seance you want, rent a room here. Don't say we didn't warn you.

And if the only spirits you're interested in are the kinds that come in bottles, the Glyndon is a haven for winos of all persuasions, and Woody's (the bar downstairs) is a great place to drink.

There are several weird paintings and photographs on display in the Hotel. most notably an enormous Daniel Boone painting that was allowed to fall into severe disrepair and then was "restored" in a botched job comparable to Michael Jackson's plastic surgery. I wouldn't be surprised if this painting is royally pissed off, it seems to give off vibes to that effect.

Best time to creep around here is during the evening.

one of the Glyndon's creepy hallways

why didn't the Eagles sing about this Hotel?

the Daniel Boone painting