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Feral Humans

We categorize Feral Humans into three basic types: firstly, the existence of people who have had a mental transformation in the woods and entered an animal-like state of mind (which has been documented). Secondly, people who have raised from birth as wild, feral humans in North America, and specifically, Appalachia. Thirdly, people who deliberately choose this lifestyle.

Further, we are convinced that a certain percentage of so-called "Bigfoot" sightings are actually these feral humans, or persons in a near-feral state. The Maysville/Mays Lick area had an 'Albino Bigfoot' flap in 1980 which we believe to have been a human being living in the wild.

Date: October 7, 1980
Location: Mays Lick, Kentucky (Mason County)

Charles Fulton and his family were watching television when they heard a loud noise on the front porch. Fulton said he heard his son's pet rooster disturbed. When he peered out the front door, he saw a white, hairy creature with pink eyes that must have weighed about 400 pounds and was about 7 feet tall.

The creature was holding the rooster by the neck and then threw it against the side of the house. It then proceeded around the back of the house in a vacant lot. Fulton claimed to have grabbed his .22 pistol and followed the intruder. He fired on the creature twice, as it ran out of sight.

Fulton believes that the lights coming from his porch and living room may have frightened the creature and that is why it seemed to go on a rampage. Fulton said that its white hair was real long - much like a horse's mane. He also stated that the creature was "man-like", except that those eyes were like that of an animal.

Date: November 5, 1980
Location: Mason County, Kentucky - west of Maysville on U.S. 68

Mr. Noble Clay, an Alabama truck driver was hauling steel, West on U.S. Route 68, when he saw a figure on the opposite side of the highway. He slowed his vehicle and turned on his high beams thinking that it was a hitch hiker. When he approached the figure, he was shocked to see an enormous humanoid creature with white hair. After his encounter, he contacted some locals on CB channel 22 to see if there was a zoo or circus in the area. He thought that possibly an ape had escaped. When police were called to investigate, they took Clay's statement and filed a report. He stated to police that he had never been to this area before and knew nothing about alleged Bigfoot reports. The police believe that Clay was serious on what he reported. This incident is on file with the Maysville, Kentucky police department.

Date: Summer 1985
Location : Estill County, Kentucky

After local residents began reporting a man-like figure prowling in the woods near their houses, "Bigfoot" rumors began circulating like wildfire in the area. Police combed the wilderness in the area and apprehended [NAME WITHHELD], a native of Irvine, KY who had been on the missing persons list for three years. According to reports, he was naked but covered with mud and foliage to the extent that vines and moss and lichen were actually growing in his hair and on his body. He was in a completely animal-like state of mind, could not or would not speak English, and had to be forcibly subdued. He was taken to Pattie A.Clay Hospital in Richmond. We have no further reports on his recovery.

Date: Spring 1990
Location : Red River Gorge, near Slade, KY in Powell County

The author encountered, face to face in the wilderness near Cloudsplitter Rock, an adult (thirties) caucasian male, walking in the woods naked but covered with mud, leaves, and vines, which were matted into his hair and beard as well, giving him an almost absurd "Swamp Thing" appearance. He walked with a hunched, apelike gait. He spotted me moments after I spotted him, and we stared at each other for what at the time felt like an eternity; finally he turned and fled. His eyes seemed to show some intelligence but he was still extremely animal-like and seemingly unable to speak. I made no effort to follow him. The similarities between this case and the one above are striking. I have collected similar stories from locals in Slade about old 'Mountain Men' and hippies who have lost their minds living deep in the mountains and revert to an animal-like state. This experience was the impetus for my ongoing research into this phenomenon.