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Denny Cemetery

This is a very obscure cemetery, blink and you will miss it. It's on Tates Creek Road in Madison County, which means turning at the Madison Bank on West Main Street in Richmond and following it far out into the country, almost all the way to Valley View.

The cemetery will be on your left. Watch for the view seen in the bottom photo here, which was taken standing by the roadside looking down into the graveyard. You can barely see two stones peeking up from the high weeds and dense foliage that have overtaken the area. We visited a month or so after Memorial Day, and there was no indication that any of the graves had been visited recently. Some of the graves we discovered by accident while clearing a path to others, they were so hidden and grown-over with weeds and mud. This graveyard is badly in need of upkeep and preservation.

This cemetery has a very interesting feeling to it, definitely a haunted feeling but of a pleasant non-frightening quality. Most of the graves are from the late 19th century/ early 20th century. A rather odd-looking chap came walking down the road while we were in the neighborhood, and we asked him if he knew what the name of the place was. He told us it's called Denny Cemetery.